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What led you to racing?

With my father, I went to see various races in Japan and became interested in racing cars. Under such circumstances, I saw his father playing Gran Turismo on the PlayStation happily, and I started playing myself.

What are your goals for the next two years?

First of all, I would like to win the Under 18 tournament, and also to achieve results that will leave a name for the general public. Also, I don't have a driver's license, so I'd like to get one soon. I am looking forward to riding the actual car.

What is your favorite race track?

I like the Fuji International Speedway near Mt. Fuji in Japan and the Suzuka circuit with a figure eight course layout.

What do you like about the next level of racing products? How can simulation help you in training?

Despite being extremely sturdy, it is easy to assemble. The driving sheet is also made in earnest so you won't get tired even if you drive for a long time. It is good to be able to make various adjustments according to the user. The frame is also unified in black, and the logo of Next Level Racing is cool. Until now, I used to play with the genuine PlayStation DualShock 4, but with Next Level Racing's simulator and a new steering wheel controller, I prepared a full-scale drive environment, not only as a simulator, but also in the world of the actual car. I would like to improve my driving skills, which is also applicable to the above.