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What got you into racing?

I've been a racing fan as long as I can remember. I remember watching the Bathurst 1000 when I was little and loved the speed and the sound of the cars which I still do.

What is your goal for the next 2 years?

I have a couple of goals for the next few years. At the top of this at the moment is to win a race in the Gfinity Supercars Eseries, and finish in the top 3 overall. I'd also love to win another iRacing Bathurst 1000.

What is your favourite race track to race on?

My favourite track to race on is Bathurst. It's such a fantastic track both in terms of the spectacle of the cars going across the mountain and in being a great track to race on with a couple of good passing spots.

What do you love about your Next Level Racing product? How is simulation helping your training?

I love the realistic seating position of my GT Track. In particular the pedals are mounted quite a bit higher than other cockpits I've used in the past, which is much more like what real race cars do. I also like how adjustable it is - I've been able to get it set up perfectly how I want it, and also how little flex there is in it.