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What got me into racing?

The love of cars initially came from my dad since he loved it too. At a young age I was always around cars and was lucky enough to go to the Sepang Circuit a number of times early on and ever since then had a huge passion for racing and motorsports.

What is your goal for the two years?

Well for this year would be to be crowned class champion in the Toyota Gazoo Racing Vios Challenge here in Malaysia and then afterwards hopefully be given a chance to race internationally against world class drivers. As well as, being able to represent my country on an international level in sim-racing.

What is your favourite race track to race on?

A tough choice between Suzuka and the Singapore GP track which is a street circuit. Suzuka because of the flow of the track and Singapore since you’re always pushing to be at the limit.

What do you love about your next level racing products?

My GT track cockpit has been a huge upgrade to my simulator setup due to it being as solid as a tank. I don’t have to worry about it flexing or creaking under heavy braking and the adjustability of the rig to make it perfect for my body is a huge plus to me as well.

How is simulation helping your training?

Simulator racing is so helpful in this era because the games are so close to real life now. From racing lines, to braking technique, and to race craft, the simulator has definitely prepared me well for real life racing.