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Lindsay Rice

Lindsay Rice

GT Series Racer
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What got you into racing?

Firstly, it was the feeling I got when I drove a car. I knew that I wanted to do it as often as I could, and I did. I made any excuse to go for a drive in my car, anytime anywhere. What brought me to Racing was the fact that I always wanted to push my car’s threshold, and I never wanted to go the speed limit - so to avoid any speeding tickets (although I didn’t avoid all - hehe) and to be a safe driver, I ended up at the race track. When I got to the track I was hooked on this feeling more than ever. Racing is something very close to my heart. It is the moment of pure adrenaline and connection with your car - and this is something that I always strive to do.

What is your goal for the next 2 years?

The motorsport industry is always changing, and so are my goals. Every season I challenge myself to take bigger, better steps - so my next goal is always what is the natural progression in my career taking these steps. In the next two years I see myself crossing borders to test and race, in the US and in Europe. I’d like to stay with TCR because I think that this category of racing is extremely competitive and I’d like to really master this area of motorsport. I’d also really like to increase my training schedule, and now that my Audi RS3 is on iRacing - I can practice on my exact car in my NLR simulator!!

What is your favourite race track to race on?

I actually have a few. My home track, Canadian Tire Motorsport Park. Central Florida’s beautiful Circuit, Sebring International Raceway. And Watkins Glen in NY State is one that I’d like to get back to, to learn more intricately.

What do you love about your Next Level Racing product? How is simulation helping your training?

I absolutely love the feedback that I get when I’m in my NLR simulator. All of my reactions and inputs have to be so precise to get the car where I want on track, which is extremely life-like. I also love to just sit in my NLR Racing bucket seat and have my morning coffee - my happy place.