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What got you into racing?

I grew up around a racing family, they never competed but were always huge fans of the sport and had a major passion for nascar. When I turned six years old I told my parents that I wanted to be a nascar driver and that i wanted to start racing. So we went out and purchased a racing go kart and I started competing just a few weeks later, I won the very first race that I entered at Dumplin Valley Raceway.

What is your goal for the next two years?

I've been in racing for a long time and it’s a very competitive sport, my top goal for many years was just to make it to Nascar, now that I have made it to Nascar and have been here for a few years my goal is to be the very best Nascar driver that I can be both on and off the track, for my sponsors, my fans, my team and everyone else.

What is your favorite race track to race on?

My favorite track is my hometown track Bristol Motor Speedway I grew up watching nascar races there as a kid with my family and then I had the chance to race there in 2016 in the NASCAR K&N series with Martin-McClure Racing and we won that race and to this day that is one of the highlights of my career.

What do you love about your next level racing product?

With there being so much traveling involved in motorsports it's not easy and feasible to travel to any track and go practice whenever and wherever you want, that’s why simulation is SO helpful because we can run practice laps and practice races in the comfort of our own homes as much as we want!