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What got you into racing?

When i was about 11 years old, there was a Rally going on my hometown... The moment i heard and saw a Subaru Impreza hatchback coming sideways down a really loose hairpin, my little me knew i wanted to do that one day. Years later at the age of 16 i bought Dirt Rally to play with controller, completely remembered the love i had for Rally and bought a wheel and pedals.
Turns out, a few months into watching real Rally tutorials on YouTube and putting down hours on my Logitech G29 + wooden set up, i was already top 10 of the world on Ps4... Long story short after that I started practicing in real life in some gravel roads in my home town, noticed that it was really similar and got to succesfully apply a lot of techniques from the Sim.... That's when i knew, i would use Simracing as my training to race in real life as soon as i had the opportunity to do it. And of course, for fun!

What is your goal for the next two years?

Right now, i want to put more effort into live streaming, so i can share, with a wider audience, how fun, useful and accesible simracing really is. Next, qualifying to the next Dirt Rally 2.0 eSports this year and getting at least a podium at the World Finals. Hopefully find a way to start competing in real life, or at least doing some serious tests.

Whats your favorite race Track to race on?

Nurburgring Nordschleife hands down! Why? Cause its the less repetitive and the most similar to a long rally stage, it demands complete focus and precision, also you can run it with a Track car, Rally car or Drift car, and you know it'll always be fun!

What do you love about your next level racing product?

First, its very intuitive to build, its has absolutely no flex and the adjustability is more than enough to find the perfect position! The seat is so comfortable i could either race for hours or sleep on it. Once in Virtual Reality, seating position adds a lot of inmersion. All of this without mentioning that its such a good looking rig... i just love it.