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King of The Track

event details:

Strap in for “King of the Track,” where you could WIN over $1000 in cash/products and be the one to launch the new and exciting Next Level Racing Product!

In this adrenaline-pumped sim racing event, challengers from around the globe will race against the clock and each other. Will you topple the competition and reveal to the world an unreleased Next Level Racing product?

Compete to snatch up exclusive rewards. The longer you defend your title, the greater the glory and the richer the spoils. Remember, there’s no prize for unseating Maestro, but your journey to becoming the King of the Track starts here.

Watch the crowns and challenges exchanged live on twitch.tv/nextlevelracingofficial, and don’t miss your shot at glory and giveaways. Every 30 minutes, we’re handing out iRacing credits to lucky viewers!


Game: iRacing

Car: Radical SR8

Track: Lime Rock Park Classic

LAPS: 2 Laps

Date & Time:

Australia: 8 AM AEST, 16th November 2023

Europe: 11 PM CET, 15th November

USA: 5 PM EST, 15th November

Japan: 7 AM JST, 16th November


1. The Selection 

Secure your spot through a random draw (Register below) to face off against the reigning “King” live on the Next Level Racing Broadcast

2. The Duel

Take on the reigning champ in an intense two-lap battle to decide who will stay on and who will go home.

3. Defend the Throne

Triumph and you’ll become the new monarch, ready to take on the next aspiring ruler.

4. The Prize Tiers

Conquer 5, 10, or 15 consecutive races and earn a prize. But beware, advancing beyond each milestone without reaching the next forfeits your current treasure. Will you risk it all or secure your winnings?

4. The Prize Tiers

A streak of  5 will win you a Next Level Racing Merch Pack.

A streak of 10 will globally launch a new Next Level Racing Product.

A streak of 15 will mean you win our $1000 AUD Cash prize.

How to compete:

Enter your details in the sign-up form below

Wait for an email to confirm your entry and instructions for race day.


Reign for 5 wins: Next Level Racing Merch Pack

Dominate for 10 consecutive wins: Unlock and launch an UNRELEASED NLR product on our website

Rule for 15 wins: $1000 AUD Cash Prize

register now

Terms and Conditions

Competitors must adhere to fair play standards.

Upgrading your prize means forfeiting the previous one.

Prizes will be paid in AUD, with transfer options available.

A webcam is required for all racers.

NLR holds the right to disqualify participants for any suspicious or unethical activity.

Cheating will result in disqualification and reporting to iRacing.

Claim your prize within 30 days.

One entry per person.

No collusion or game manipulation; this will lead to disqualification.

Your iRacing account must be personally used for the event.

Participants must reside in a region where NLR ships. Verify here: https://nextlevelracing.com/about-us/resellers/