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What got you into racing?

I first got into racing after attending a children’s go kart party when I was 7 years old. From then I was hooked on competing against anyone else and wanted to see how far I could push my potential. Having to give up karting in 2010 due to financial reasons, I then started to play the Formula One games and quickly realised I was much better than I thought. From then I have competed in competitive league racing ever since until this day and the passion remains exactly the same as when I started.

What is your goal for the next 2 years?

My goal is to always improve myself in game with my performances, but to also secure 100K subscribers on my YouTube as I use this as my platform to share my passion to help provide advice, but also entertain people who share the same passion as me.

What is your favourite race track to race on?

Silverstone hands down. The combination of the slow and insane high-speed direction changes makes it a driver track in my opinion, where you really have to be on the limit at all times.

What do you love about your Next Level Racing product? How is simulation helping your training?

Next level Racing is by far the best racing cockpit I have ever used purely because of the quality and the level of detail they put into their products. They think of all scenarios regarding the wheel you would use, the seating position and offers an unlimited amount of adjustability. But most of all the quality gives me complete confidence in the cockpit being able to support the forces I am putting through both my wheel and pedals as there is zero flex when racing, ensuring I am always stable in my position which is crucial to succeed. Ever since I have switched to using Next Level Racing I have moved into a new level in competition as I am consistently securing pole positions and race wins as I have complete faith in my equipment quality.